The Appointment Machine SaaS

The Appointment Machine Saas is legend. Its a gamechanger. It is a Crackerjack.

The Appointment Machine: In a Nutshell

The Appointment Machine SaaS is a robust Software-as-a-Service platform that works straight out of the box. It is appointment scheduling software and acts as a complete provider:client:user appointment manager with integrated email and multi-provider SMS confirmation notifications. It hosts multi client profiles - which allows you to have one SaaS installation, catering for unlimited clients and unlimited end-users. Notification messages and time schedules are fully customizable per profile, per appointment calendar, per appointment instance. The Appointment Machine SaaS is legend. It is a crackerjack.

The Appointment Machine SaaS is reliable, requires minimum command line installation and it just works. This platform is built to allow the license holder to easily set-up a SaaS environment and sell the service to his or her customers - so in short - this platform is built to make you money. This, combined with the guarantee that we have your back by providing first-class support to you as well as regular new software feature updates - The Appointment Machine SaaS is a turnkey software solution which allows you to focus on sales, while we take care of the software.

What you may do - and what you may not do

What you may do with this software, depends on the license purchased at a Detailed explanation of how you may use The Appointment Machine SaaS can be found at - however - what you need to know and what applies to any of the licenses purchased - is that you are allowed to run one installation per one license only. Thus - to set up The Appointment Machine on server instances in multiple locations, would require more licenses. This excludes the scope of instance-scaling if you run The Appointment Machine Saas in the AWS Amazon Cloud or any similar cloud scaling environment.

In addition to this - you may not sell any part of the software code or the software as a whole - in any way. You may not distribute it - be it free of charge or paid for. As a developer - I am asking you to please respect this policy. Coding is a very lengthy process which requires intensely long working hours. We are all trying to make a living in life - and for me to maintain and continue expanding The Appointment Machine SaaS - please, respect this policy.

Re-use of Documentation

No section, any text, design or layout in the The Appointment Machine SaaS Documentation Wiki may be copied or reproduced in any way. The aim is to constantly provide system updates and features; With every update, the documentation will thus change. If you want to provide a control panel handbook to your clients, you may thus refer them here - to the official The Appointment Machine SaaS documentation.

What You Get

What you get, and what you may do with what you get, is totally different. What you may do, depends on the license purchased as explained above. But what you get is this:

  • a Complete software package which features an administration panel from where an administrator (depends on the access levels set in the back end) can completely manage all system settings, day-to-day-running, view data-insights, manage client profile information as well as simulate each and every action or feature of the client control panel - on behalf of a client.
  • a Complete software package which features a client control panel from where profile users can log in, manage all day to day appointment scheduling, re-scheduling and general appointment management, view in-depth information about each and every appointment, set up multi- SMS gateway configurations to send SMS text messages, do in-depth contact number validation to validate that contact numbers are valid, reachable and even view the network carrier, completely manage customer accounts and load more features to come.
  • Our guaranteed continues support to improve the The Appointment Machine SaaS wherever possible, develop new feature modules based in our client requests
  • a Solid piece of working software which can be set up in multi server environments as well as in the cloud, especially the Amazon AWS Cloud