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Feature Requests

There are so many things we want to integrate and build for The Appointment Machine SaaS - but as fellow developers would know - extending s platform can be a never ending process. Therefore - there is always a version 1 of any piece of software.

The idea is to provide a solid, complete appointment manager system, and from there extend and develop, based on what our clients want. So - if there is a feature you need - be it large, or small - please, don't keep yourself in the corner - but rather share your mind and speak up. While we can not guarantee that all feature requests will be accommodated - I can personally guarantee that every feature request will be evaluated. The more people there are requesting the same or similar features, the better the chance that the feature request gets into the development queue.

Development Process

It is important to know that no code is written, quickly tested and dumped with the production source of The Appointment Manager SaaS. After a feature request has been received, evaluated and added to the development queue, the process then goes like this:

  1. Thorough planning - and this is a subject on its own.
  2. Writing of the code
  3. Local testing and code enhancements gets applied where needed
  4. Local testing once more
  5. Deployment to a development server, which runs the same source version as the production server
  6. More testing and code enhancements where needed
  7. Once the new source version is in perfect shape and thoroughly tested, the documentation wiki gets updated
  8. Once that is done, the new code gets implemented into the distribution source
  9. After that, it us uploaded to CodeCanyon for approval
  10. Once approved, the new application version is ready for download

Though it might seem that the process is slow and takes ages - know that this way works best to ensure that our system works. Sometimes, the process is swift and can happen in a couple of days, depending on the amount of work required to write, test and implement the new code.

How to submit a feature request

The best way to submit a feature request, is by composing your request as an email. Try to be specific and exact - and keep your request to one email - if possible. Then send the mail to support[at] - once it is logged into our ticketing system, we will take it from there.